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Mary R. Perkins ([personal profile] maryrperkins) wrote2012-07-09 06:11 pm

Dreamwidth Account

 Several of my friends seem to have Dreamwidth accounts, so I thought I would create one too.  LiveJournal will still be my blog of choice, though I shall endeavour to post to both....  just have to work out if Dreamwidth can integrate with social media too.

If you have one, can you add me to your dreamwidth circle or whatever?

My username on Dreamwidth is the same as everywhere else, MaryRPerkins
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[personal profile] twisted_times 2012-07-09 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Welcome to Dreamwidth. I don't make much use of either DW or LJ these days except to keep up with certain lovely people I know and few specific communities. I always post on DW and cross-post it to LJ nowadays, when I do get around to posting at all. I seem to be posting more on my wordpress account of late.